Partnerships / Add your site is owned and operated by Flora ICT B.V. We operate content aggregators in several markets and collectively our portals reach millions of users every month. (Coin News Aggregator) aims to bring the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain related news headlines from various sources to one place. We can help you to reach a growing number of Crypto enthusiasts worldwide that visit

Our policies and requirements:

If you would like us to include your newsfeed on please submit your site for approval. We will review your site and respond to your request within 24 hours (on working days). Before applying we kindly ask you to read our policies and only apply if you think your site meets our requirements.


  • No illegal material.
  • Your site does not condone “piracy” or promote stolen content nor does your site advertise itself as offering such material.
  • Your site does neither facilitate nor encourage activities such as hacking.
  • Inform your users of their legal rights and obligations (Terms of use, privacy policy etc.).
  • Follow privacy laws.
  • Make it easy for users to report issues on your site.


  • Protect your visitors from malware, viruses, trojans etc.


  • Use an ad network that respects the Initial Better Ads Standard (
  • Your site makes a clear distinction between the actual content and advertising. Avoid tricks intended to get clicks on ads.
  • The amount of advertisements should be proportionate to the content of the page.
  • No ads that interfere with the users’ interaction with the content.
  • We highly recommend using advertising labels to identify your ad zones.
  • No aggressive or deceptive ads.


Although we strive to apply objective standards to decide whether a site qualifies to get included, we will reject sites that:

  • Offer only duplicate articles/content.
  • Use overly exaggerated titles or text to gain more attention.
  • Offer content that is not free to access.
  • Are not updated regularly.
  • Are poorly written and/or contain a disproportionate amount of spelling/grammar errors.
  • Appear to offer biased or false information.

*We reserve the right to reject sites for any or no reason.


When your site is approved we can start indexing your headlines using your RSS feed. Currently, the following fields are identified in our database (Only the fields marked in bold are required).

  • Unique Item ID (max. 40 characters, ASCII Table 33-125, if you have not specified an ID, please use the permalink as the unique item ID)
  • Article URL
  • Title/Headline
  • Categories and/or Tags (Multiple categories and tags can be specified separated by comma)
  • Publishing Date
  • Author

Although fields such as Author, Tags and Publishing date are not required, they are essential for us to represent your content to our users in the best way possible. The more information we have, the easier it will be for our visitors to discover your content.

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